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Sonic COMICS Icon dump.
dolofonos wrote in gottajuice
Sonic Archie Series


o1 x Amy Rose
o1 x Prince Elias
o1 x Lupe
o1 x Mina Mongoose
o1 x Monkey Khan
o1 x Geoffery St. John
o1 x Tikal
o1 x Eggman
o1 x Shadow/Sonic
o2 x Sonic/Tails
o7 x Sonic/Sally
o8 x Sally Acorn
11 x Misc. Group
13 x Sonic the Hedgehog

Comments are nice if you want. Credit though, please.


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I love the first two of Sonic's bunch of icons, and the water one has a perfect crop. I'm saving those to my computer with your name on them. :)

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